TechTips highlights technology tips and tricks for staff. Follow @digitalAPS on Twitter to get regular updates on digital learning tips and ideas that are being implemented throughout APS.

  • TechTips #1: The first episode highlights software that instructional staff can use to track student progress.
  • TechTips #2: Hoffman-Boston music teacher Molly Patrician gives Twitter users a #crashcourse in using the pesky #hashtag.
  • TechTips #3: Abingdon teacher Michelle Jaeckel provides tips for using the iPad to take photos and video of students for instruction and documentation.
  • TechTips #4: If you have been on Twitter lately, chances are you have seen Gladis Bourdouane or Jennifer Harris broadcasting live using Periscope. Periscope is designed for broadcasting live video and connecting it to your followers on Twitter. It’s a great way for staff to include families who may not be able to attend a school event or to allow the community into schools. This week’s TechTips shows Twitter users how to use the app.
  • TechTips #5: #TechTips highlights SWIVL, an automated tool that allows users to record and create engaging videos of your presentations, lectures or demonstrations from in front of the camera.