Naloxone (Narcan) Authorization

Beginning in May 2023, students in grade 9 and above are allowed to carry naloxone in school, with signed consent from a parent/guardian. Parent/guardian consent is not required for students over 18; however, students over 18 must still complete and submit the form and agree to the provisions. By providing consent, parents/guardians or students over 18 are agreeing that:

  • The student has been trained to understand and recognize the signs and symptoms of an overdose and how to use and administer Naloxone.
  • The student has not been prescribed Naloxone by a medical provider and elects to carry this life-saving medication so it may be administered to others in an emergency.
  • The student will responsibly and discreetly maintain Naloxone on their person, in their personal belongings, or their locker at all times during the school day in its original container with manufacturer labeling in compliance with the drug manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The student will promptly notify APS staff if Naloxone has been administered to a student, staff or visitor suspected of having an opioid-related drug overdose and emergency services (911) will be called to ensure that the individual receives further medical attention.
  • If the student is not able to safely and responsibly carry this emergency medication, the principal may revoke permission to carry Naloxone, following consultation with the parent/legal guardian.
  • Permission to possess Naloxone shall be reviewed annually. An updated Naloxone Authorization form is required to be submitted for each school year.

Consent may be provided in two ways:

  • Through ParentVUE (Recommended):
    • Make sure the correct student is selected
    • Go to “Student Information”
    • Click “Edit Information”
    • Scroll down to the Naloxone Authorization section
    • Read affirmation statement
    • Select “Do Consent” or “Do Not Consent”
    • If selecting “Do Consent,” also enter the date the selected student completed Naloxone training
    • Click “Save Changes” at bottom of screen
    • View these instructions as a PDF
  • Through completion of the Naloxone Authorization Form: