Many colleges require the ACT or SAT for admission.  Students voluntarily take the exams during their junior or senior year of high school. The Office of Planning and Evaluation develops reports based on the information provided by College Board.

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Results for APS Graduates

ACT 2016-2020

SAT 2017-2020

*** Please note for 2017 there is no historical SAT information provided. The first administration of the redesigned SAT was in March 2016, where the separate Critical Reading and Writing sections were combined into a single test called Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. Results from the old and the new versions of the SAT should not be compared.

SAT 2012-2016

  • APS, VA and US by Content Areas (Table-1)
  • APS Reporting Groups by Content Areas (Table-2)
  • APS Schools & Reporting Groups by Content Areas (Table-3)