School Counseling Services

Thank you for visiting the Arlington Public School’s (APS) web pages featuring School Counseling! Please see the two links below to learn more about School Counselor qualifications and the roles and responsibilities of School Counselors. We are no longer called Guidance Counselors; our role has expanded to include academic advising and work with students and families on social/emotional learning, mental health, and career awareness and exploration. We now like to be called School Counselors.

Who are School Counselors?

The Role of the School Counselor

The School Counseling web pages provide a lot of information about our program.

  • Your access to a School Counselor is important to us. Under Contact Us you’ll find links to each School’s web page where you can find your student’s counselor and see school specific information. Every student in APS has an assigned school counselor to advocate for their needs.
  • Throughout the year at the district level we have Special Events for students and families. School specific events may be found on your student’s school web page.
  • Our Services and Programs page identifies what APS School Counselors do to boost student’s academic success and how our K-12 program builds skills in the domains of academics, career awareness and exploration and social/emotional resiliency. Here you’ll find the curricula we use and the specific services we offer and how.
  • Finally, we understand that you may appreciate knowing what Resources we have or that we recommend for families. While not an inclusive list we hope it points you in the right direction.





APS School Counseling Vision and Mission

Mission: School counselors of Arlington Public Schools encourage equitable learning and access through advocacy and support for all students. The School counselor addresses the academic success, career self-awareness and social/emotional resiliency of all students. All students have access to a Comprehensive School Counseling Program.

Vision: All individuals who learned in the Arlington Public School system embrace the concept of the whole adult and are practiced in the skills of self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship building and social awareness and are fulfilled in life.

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