Standards-Based Reporting

At the conclusion of each Marking Period (four times per year), consistent with Arlington Public Schools policy, families of students in Grades 1 through 5 receive a printed Progress Report. Students in Kindergarten receive these reports at the conclusion of each Semester (twice per year). We report on the Standards established for instruction in public schools in Virginia, by the Virginia Department of Education, and as organized by the Arlington Public Schools Scope & Sequence documents that guide our curricula. These Progress Reports provide families with their student’s current state of Skill Mastery within each Standard. These Progress Reports are “snapshots in time,” showing the current situation at the time of the report. You will note the conspicuous absence of letter grades. As explained throughout this section and in the literature, Standards-Based Instruction does not utilize traditional letter grades. In APS, we provide discrete information about student’s current Skill Mastery for each Standard, providing more detailed and accurate information about each child’s abilities. These practices are consistent with the state of the research literature and are a core part of child-centered educational programs.

Progress Report

The Progress Report is generated from teacher entries in our Student Information System (called “Synergy”), pertaining to Skill Mastery. The information on the Progress Report is generated directly from teacher input.