At least every three years, schools must conduct reevaluations of students with disabilities to determine continuing eligibility.

SPED Cycle

A Reevaluation Planning Meeting will take place before this required reevaluation of students with disabilities. The Reevaluation Planning Meeting is an opportunity to discuss whether additional evaluations are needed and plan for specific assessments to be conducted if the team (including parents) determines a need for assessments to determine continuing eligibility and parents provide consent for new assessments. A Reevaluation Planning Meeting may also be requested more frequently than every three years at the request of IEP team member(s), including parents, for additional purposes, such as:

  • reviewing new information/reports, and/or
  • determining a student’s current educational needs.

Reevaluation Planning Meeting At a Glance

During Reevaluation Meetings, the team (including parents/guardians) will review existing information and all evaluations that may have been completed. 
The team will discuss whether the student continues to meet the criteria as a “child with a disability that affects his/her educational performance”. Team members will state whether they agree or disagree with the eligibility determination. Parental consent is required for a student’s dismissal from special education services and/or a change in eligibility classification.

Reevaluation Meeting At a Glance