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Purpose of assessment: To provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their financial literacy knowledge and skills.   Students who pass the W!SE Financial Literacy certification will also satisfy the career and technical education (CTE) credential graduation requirement towards a standard or advance diploma.Grades

Taking the Assessment:  10th – 12th gradeDates: Pre-testing takes place in September or October, and post-testing takes place in January, except for alternative program that test in April and May.  Retakes February to June as required by student needs.  Reference the APS district testing calendar for exact testing windows.

What to expect during the assessment: 50 questions/50 minutes

Certification and Resource and Practice Information:

  • Essential Vocabulary for W!SE Financial Literacy Testing

Vocabulary/Topics and definitions to assist students needing to take/retake the W!SE Financial Literacy Exam. Topics include: Money, Banks, Credit, Insurance, Investing, Financial Planning, and Regulatory Agencies. Go to the vocabulary words.Link to Vocabulary: /cms/lib/VA01918722/Centricity/Domain/718/Wise Student Study Guide of vocabulary.pdf

  • Money Power

Quizzes and resources to help you pass the W!SE Financial Literacy Certification Test!  Become Certified & Financially Literate! See your finance teacher or counselor for login and password information. Go to the Money Power website.http://www.moneypower.org/withframes.jsp

  • Quizlet / W!SE Test Review

Use this Quizlet link (115 terms) to prepare for the W!SE Financial Literacy Test. Go to Quizlet’s WISE Test Review.https://quizlet.com/139382474/wse-test-review-flash-cards/

  • Quizlet / Financial Literacy Test

Use this Quizlet test to prepare for the W!SE Financial Literacy Test. Go to the Quizlet Financial Literacy Test.https://quizlet.com/75354608/test

  • Quizlet / Financial Terms Flashcards

Use these Quizlet flashcards to prepare for the W!SE Financial Literacy Test. Go to Quizlet’s Financial Terms Flashcards.https://quizlet.com/145361299/wise-flash-cards/

What Does the Scores Mean: Students must earn 66% to pass the W!SE Personal Finance Certification test. There are three opportunities to earn the personal finance credential per semester (three in fall semester/three in spring semester).

Resources based on the results: Please check with your classroom teacher to determine steps to work with your child’s strengths and weakness on their W!SE Personal Finance Certification.