View and Edit Photos on iPad

View photos and videos on iPad

Use the Photos app  to view photos and videos you take on iPad. Browse your photos, albums, memories, and more using the Photos, For You, Albums, and Search tabs and see your library come to life with auto-playing Live Photos and videos.

  • Photos: Browse your photos and videos organized by days, months, and years.
  • For You: A personalized feed shows your memories, shared albums, featured photos, and more.
  • Albums: View albums you created or shared, and your photos organized by album categories—for example, People & Places and Media Types.
  • Search: Type in the search field to search for photos by date, place, location, or what’s in them. Or, browse photos already grouped by important people, places, and categories to help you find the photo you’re looking for.

Browse photosThe photos and videos on your iPad are organized by Years, Months, Days, and All Photos in the Photos tab. You can rediscover your best shots in Years, relive significant events in Months, focus on unique photos in Days, and view everything in All Photos.To browse your photos, tap the Photos tab, then select any of the following:

  • Years: Quickly locate a specific year in your photo library, and see your best shots highlighted in a slideshow.
  • Months: View collections of photos that you took throughout a month, organized by significant events—like a family outing, social occasion, birthday party, or trip.
  • Days: View your best photos in chronological order, grouped by the time or place the photos were taken.
  • All Photos: View all of your photos and videos; pinch to zoom in and out to view your photos and library in the detail you want.

Photos removes duplicate photos and clutter (such as screenshots, whiteboards, and receipts) from Years, Months, and Days views. To see every photo, tap All Photos.View individual photosLocate individual photos in the Photos tab—tap All Photos, or browse by Days, Months, or Years. Tap a photo thumbnail to view it in full screen. You can also view photos in the Albums tab, or tap the Search tab to look for photos by specific search terms, such as “beach” or “selfie.”While viewing a photo in full screen, you can do any of the following:

  • Zoom in or out: Double-tap or pinch out to zoom in—while zoomed in, drag to see other parts of the photo; double-tap or pinch closed to zoom out.
  • Share: Tap , then choose how you want to share. See Share photos and videos on iPad.
  • Add to favorites: Tap  to add the photo to your Favorites album in the Albums tab.

Tap  or drag the photo down to continue browsing or return to the search results.

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