Teaching Tips and Tricks

Teaching Tips & Tricks

  • Connect your technology ahead of time at the start of your teaching day and test your audio, video, and screen sharing options. Do not wait until right before class begins to do so. Close any unnecessary applications.
  • Have all the necessary resources ready, including digital and physical files and web links. Keep physical resources nearby if you may need them for quick access.
  • Continue to start your Teams/Zoom session on time just as you did during 100% virtual class sessions. Be sure to greet both your face-to-face and virtual students.
  • Ask all students to mute their microphones, especially your face-to-face students, in order to avoid audio feedback.
  • Ensure all students have the opportunity to participate in live discussion and class activities.
    • Encourage students to use and regularly check the video-conferencing chat space
    • When assigning group work, create groups that mix both F2F and virtual students
    •  If a face-to-face student asks a question, be sure to repeat the question for virtual learners.
    • Make an extra effort to encourage virtual learners’ participation.
  • Stay as close to your laptop as possible while you teach the synchronous portion of your lesson to ensure virtual students can see and hear you.
    • Look into the camera when addressing virtual learners.
  • Communicate the class norms that you created during your planning process.