APS Honored Citizens

2023 Honored Citizens

Since 1975, the Board has established the memorable tradition of recognizing special volunteers who have made extraordinary contributions to Arlington Public Schools. The Honored Citizen Award recognizes the countless hours – over many years – that community members spend dedicating their time to a wide variety of school activities and supporting our students and staff. The Arlington School Board values this commitment to the well-being of our students, and while the Board honors every volunteer, the individuals who are chosen as ‘Honored Citizens’ stand out, having demonstrated an ongoing, sustained commitment to our students, our schools, and our community for at least five years. Through their volunteer work, the following individuals support the APS Strategic Plan of providing multiple pathways to success for students; ensuring that students are healthy, safe and supported; and of building and maintaining strong and mutually supportive partnerships.  The Board recognized the 2023 Honored Citizens at the April 27 School Board Meeting.  For 2023, the School Board named three outstanding volunteers as Honored Citizens:

  • Janna Dressel
  • Dr. Rick Jackson
  • Carmina Sinani

Honored Citizens Historical List-1975-2023 lists previous recipients award.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the School Board at school.board@apsva.us or call the School Board office at 703-228-6015.

The 2024 Honored Citizens nomination application will be posted the second week of January.   The Board will base their decision for this award solely on the submission of the nomination form.  Any other information will not be considered.

Selection Criteria

To be considered nominees must meet the following criteria: Demonstrate a sustained commitment of at least 5 years to Arlington Public Schools.

  • Demonstrate unique and exceptional contributions to APS through their work
  • Demonstrate significant time and energy spent on a broad range of volunteer activities throughout the Arlington school community
  • Strong participation in school activities
  • Foster cooperative relationships
  • Contribute to the APS Strategic Plan
  • Current APS staff, candidates for public office, and previous recipients will not be considered

Application Information

  • A person cannot nominate himself/herself
  • A person may nominate more than one candidate
  • A person may only submit one application per candidate
  • Include a robust narrative describing the nominee’s volunteer activities at APS
  • Provide supporting statements and letters of support
  • Please fill out the nomination form completely
  • The School Board will notify recipients of the 2023 Honored Citizens Award directly and will notify nominators if their candidate(s) was selected