School Board Meeting April 5, 2018

Minutes for the April 5, 2018 Meeting

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AGENDA for April 5:

Opening: Presentation of Colors: Arlington Career Center AFJROTC Cadet Corps 0:00:00
Recognition: Military Child Month 0:04:58
Recognition: Winter Athletics Recognitions 0:14:38
Announcements 0:23:25
Consent Items 0:38:14
Monitoring Item: Superintendent’s 2017-18 Action Plan Update 0:47:44
Monitoring Item: Update on the 2018-2024 Strategic Plan 0:54:45
Action Item: School Board Proposed FY 2019 Budget 1:26:17
Action Item: Final Design and Construction Contract Award-Full GMP for the New Middle School at Stratford 2:59:34
Action Item: Concept Design for the New Elementary School at Reed 3:03:59
Information Item: The Children’s School Letter of Intent 3:28:07
Information Item: Special Education Annual Plan 3:32:03
Information Item: Construction Contract Award for Gunston HVAC Modernization 3:48:22
Information Item: Barcroft Parking Garage License Agreement with Arlington County 3:54:35