School Board Meeting May 17, 2018

Minutes for the May 17, 2018 Meeting

There were some technical issues with the broadcast during the meeting. Therefore, it is displayed in 2 parts. Click below the video window to watch part 2.

Watch Part 2

For Closed Captions, please watch on Youtube:

Part 1 with Closed Captions
Part 2 with Closed Captions


Part 1:

Opening 0:00:00
Recognition: APS Service Awards 0:01:40
Announcements 0:36:43
Consent Items 0:53:45
Public Hearing on the Proposed FY 2019-2028 Capital Improvement Plan 0:59:18
Citizen Comment on Non-Agenda Items 1:54:17

Part 2:

Monitoring Item: Options/Transfers Update 0:00:02
Action Item: Discovery Elementary School Exemplary Project 0:21:32
Action Item: School Board Policy 20-2.210 Acceptable Use: Electronic Technologies 0:24:00
Action Item: Construction Contract Award for Career Center Internal Modifications 0:50:20
Action Item: Change to Guaranteed Maximum Price and Budget for Fleet Elementary School 0:53:06
Information Item: Superintendent’s Proposed 2018-2024 Strategic Plan 0:55:23
Information Item: FY 2018 3rd Quarter Fiscal Monitoring Report 1:53:06
Information Item: Proposed School Board Policy 25-3.6 Use of Service Animals in Schools 2:06:54
Information Item: Contract Award for Architecture and Engineering Services for the Education Center Renovation 2:11:01
Information Item: License Agreement for Parking at Buck Property 2:16:32