APS News Release

Special Education Records Destruction Notice

Notice is hereby given that Arlington Public Schools (APS) intends to destroy special education records of former students who graduated, completed their school program, transferred or withdrew from APS during the 2012-13 school year. Any former student, who has reached 18 years of age, may review and/or receive a copy of these records by contacting the Department of Student Services & Special Education by December 14, 2018. According to federal law, parents and guardians lose their right to review or obtain these records when their child (the student) reaches 18 years of age or starts attending a post secondary institution, whichever occurs first. However, a parent of a child with a disability who is 18 years of age or older may retain parental rights, provided that the child has been determined to be legally incompetent or legally incapacitated.

In accordance with federal and state laws, special education records are maintained for five years after the student exits the special education program, graduates, transfers, or withdraws from APS. A permanent record of the student’s name, address, phone number, grades, attendance record and year completed is maintained in perpetuity. The purpose of destruction is to protect the student from improper and unauthorized disclosure of the confidential information contained within the file.

In accordance with the Commonwealth of Virginia guidelines, special education records that are not claimed by December 14, 2018 will be destroyed. Requests for records should be mailed to:

Arlington Public Schools
Department of Teaching & Learning
Syphax Education Center at Sequoia Plaza
2110 Washington Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22204
Attn: Records Clerk

Students must provide a written request to review/receive their records, and include their name, birth date, date of graduation or date last attended, the name of the last Arlington school they were enrolled, and a copy of a government issued photo ID.If you do not understand this notice, or if you are in need of interpretation, contact the Department of Teaching & Learning records clerk Mary Beth Vieira at 703-228-6180.