APS News Release

School Board Discusses Capital Improvement Plan Framework

The School Board began their discussion on the proposed framework for the 2019-28 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) at last night’s meeting.

To develop the proposed framework, staff identified priorities and a timeline; determined bonding (debt) capacity; and estimated costs of potential capital projects. During the presentation, staff provided a detailed look at enrollment projections for each level.

The Board is scheduled to adopt the CIP Framework at the April 5 meeting. The Superintendent will present his proposed FY19-28 CIP on May 3 with final adoption of the CIP scheduled on June 21.

Staff is currently gathering community feedback through the Reed BLPC; Career Center Working Group; and the upcoming Education Center BLPC. Additional opportunities for community input will take place from May 4-31. The full presentation is available online.

The School Board held a public hearing to receive comments on the Superintendent’s Proposed Fiscal Year 2019 Budget.


  • Superintendent’s 2017-18 Action Plan Update – Murphy updated the Board on other efforts underway on the action plan to support the Board’s work this year.

The public is invited to learn more, ask questions or comment on any of the action plan engagement initiatives that are underway by visiting aps2016.apsva.us/engage.

  • Science Update – Staff reported on the Science instructional program including SOL results as well as enrollment in advanced science courses and the expansion of science course offerings. The full presentation is available on BoardDocs.


  • Final Design and Construction Contract Award-Full GMP for the New Middle School at Stratford – Staff presented the proposed construction contract award for the final design and for the new middle school at the Stratford site. Staff is asking the Board to approve awarding the contract to Turner Construction Company in the amount of $30,423,369.
  • Open Air Market License Agreement – The proposed License Agreement would permit Field to Table, Inc. to use a portion of Barrett Elementary School for an open air market on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. April through November.
  • Concept Design for the New Elementary School at Reed – Staff presented the proposed concept design for the new Elementary School at the Reed site which is set to open in 2021. The recommendation is for the Integrated concept design which is the preferred design of the Building Level Planning Committee, Public Facilities Review Committee and community members. Staff is also asking the Board to approve a maximum total project funding of $55 million, and to direct staff to proceed to the schematic design phase. The Board’s charge to staff and BLPC members would be to complete the project as close to the original $49 million available funding as possible. The full presentation is available online.

The next School Board meeting will be held on Thu, April 5 at 6:30 p.m. The agenda will be posted one week before the meeting on BoardDocs.   

Citizens who want to comment on any of the items discussed at the School Board meeting should email the Board at school.board@apsva.us or call 703-228-6015. Citizens may call 703-228-2400 on the Monday after the School Board meetings to listen to a meeting summary. School Board meetings are also broadcast live on Comcast Cable Channel 70 and Verizon FiOS Channel 41; live-streamed on the APS website, and re-broadcast on Fridays at 9 p.m. and Mondays at 7:30 p.m. immediately following the meeting. All materials and minutes of the meeting will be posted to the website at aps2016.apsva.us/schoolboard upon School Board approval at a subsequent meeting.