APS News Release

ParentVUE Account Activation Reminder

In preparation for the transition from the First Day Packet to the new Annual Online Verification Process (AOVP), Arlington Public Schools (APS) is requesting all parents and guardians have an active ParentVUE account by June 1, 2019. By now, all parents and guardians with an inactive ParentVUE account should have received a ParentVUE Activation Key Letter from their child’s school with information on how to activate their account. APS is requesting all parents and guardians activate their ParentVUE accounts at this time to make the transition to the online process as smooth as possible and to allow staff to focus on assisting families with updating their information in the fall.

This new process will utilize ParentVUE, the online tool that most of our families are already familiar with and use regularly to track the latest information regarding their student. As a part of AOVP, families will now be able to update vital information for each of their students through their ParentVUE account at the start of school, even if their children attend different schools.

The printed forms that were included in the First Day Packet students used to receive on the first day of school will be replaced by this new process. AOVP will help APS streamline the way families verify their student’s information, ensure the accuracy of student information, decrease the amount of time families spend completing the paper forms, and will help the environment by eliminating wasted paper.

Additional information and resources are available on the Annual Online Verification Process webpage.