APS News Release

New Student Registration Document Drop-Off Process

Families are now able to drop off registration documents in-person at all schools and the APS Welcome Center to register students new to APS. For the health and safety of staff, families have only been able to register new students online for the past few months. This has presented a challenge for some families that do not have computer and/or internet access, so families now have the option to drop off their completed registration paperwork in-person.

Families are still encouraged to register students using the Conditional Online Registration Process if possible and should only drop off documents in-person if they are unable to submit their documents online. Depending on the school building, families may only be able to drop off documents at the entrance of the school and may not be able to enter the building.

The following is important information about the registration document drop-off process:

  • Families must contact schools in advance to schedule an appointment to drop-off registration documents
  • Staff will be available in school buildings 2-3 days a week to receive registration documents.
  • Schools are able to provide printed registration forms to families when they arrive at the school.
  • Staff will review the list of required registration documents over the phone before the appointment to ensure to the extent possible that all documents are brought to school at the same time.
  • If possible, only the person who scheduled the appointment should come to the school to limit the number of people visiting school buildings for staff health and safety.

Staff will review all registration documents in-person during appointments to verify the documents needed for registering students have been received. Identity and proof of residency documents will be reviewed during the appointment, so families should make sure they bring all required documents with them to the appointment. A complete list of registration documents is available on the Registering Your Child webpage.

If families have multiple children that will attend multiple schools, staff may request families bring all the documents for each child and will collect these documents during the registration appointment. Staff are able to send the registration documents to the other schools so families are able to register all their students without having to visit multiple schools.

Families will need to contact the main office at their student’s school or the to schedule an appointment to drop-off registration documents because the dates and times staff will be in buildings to receive documents varies by school. If families are unable to keep their scheduled appointment, they must contact the school to reschedule because schools are only able to assist families during their scheduled time.

Families are also able to drop off registration documents at the APS Welcome Center by appointment only, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Contact the APS Welcome Center at 703-228-8000 to schedule an appointment.