APS News Release

Nearly 100 students selected to present scientific work at Virginia Junior Academy of Science Symposium

Almost 100 APS students were selected to present their scientific work at the 2022 Virginia Junior Academy of Science (VJAS) Symposium, which was held virtually through William and Mary. VJAS, sponsored by the Virginia Academy of Science (VAS), encourages students in grades 7-12 to enter scientific research investigations in competition for awards at the annual VJAS Research Symposium to foster encouragement for students to continue their education in science, engineering, and related fields. The full list of awardees, as well as additional information about the organization and competition, can be found on the VJAS website, www.vjas.org. Congratulations to all students who presented!

The following students received awards in their sections, with some earning special awards and honors.

First Place
Nadia Lach-Hab (Dorothy Hamm): Ecology & Earth Sciences
Solomon Galpern (W-L): Engineering B
Harriet Shapiro (W-L): Environmental & Earth Science C
Sam Watchman (Arlington Tech): Physics & Astronomy B

Second Place
Sesh Sudarshan (Swanson): Human Behavior
Patrick Jiminez (Gunston): Mathematics: Patterns & Relationships
Vedica Chudiwale (Dorothy Hamm): Plant Science & Microbiology
Arianna Hellman (W-L): Chemistry A
Simran Kulkarni (W-L): Chemistry B
Raphael Sanchez (W-L): Engineering B
Ana Sanchez-Armass (W-L): Environmental & Earth Science A
Caroline Fern & Lucie LeBlonde (W-L): Microbiology & Cell Biology A

Third Place
Duchmaa Ariunbold (Kenmore): Chemical Science A
Krish Gupta (Swanson): Engineering & Technology
Henry Stievater (Swanson): Mathematics: Patterns & Relationships
Sebastian Monroy (Dorothy Hamm): Physical Science & Astronomy B
Isla Wearmouth (W-L): Botany A
Noor Long (W-L): Chemistry B
Julia Brodsky (H-B Woodlawn): Microbiology & Cell Biology B
Colin Berry (Yorktown): Statistical Analysis & Inferences

Honorable Mention
Caroline South (Dorothy Hamm): Chemical Science A
Myla McNair (Williamsburg): Chemical Science B
Devesh Stansbury (Dorothy Hamm): Mathematics: Patterns & Relationships
Emma Ackleson (Swanson): Mathematics: Patterns & Relationships
Emma Cai (Swanson): Physical Science & Astronomy A
Alba Edsall (W-L): Botany A
Emma Hemsch (W-L): Botany A
Anna Freeman (W-L): Chemistry A
Gabrielle Cordero (W-L): Chemistry A
Leonardo Fall (W-L): Engineering B
Grace Abbott (W-L): Environmental & Earth Science C
Abigail Whiting (W-L): Medicine & Health A
Allison Grove & Kathryn Boerckel (W-L): Medicine & Health A
Jaya Shah (W-L): Medicine & Health B
Qiaojing Huang (W-L): Medicine & Health C
Darya Wilson (W-L): Microbiology & Cell Biology A
Olivia Bartrum (Wakefield): Physics & Astronomy B

Special Awards and Honors
Bilguun Zolzaya (Yorktown) – Dr. Smith Shadomy Infectious Diseases Award
Sam Watchman (Arlington Tech) – Bethel High School Scholarship, First VJAS Delegate to AJAS, Ertle Thompson Memorial Endowment Award
Harriet Shapiro (W-L) – Alternate VJAS Delegate to AJAS
Tinequa Reese, Teacher (Arlington Tech) – Dr. R. Dean Decker Honorarium Award
Julia Brodsky (H.B. Woodlawn) – Rodney C. Berry Chemistry Award
Charlotte Cunnigham (W-L) – 2022-2023 VJAS Officer, Vice-President