APS to Host Community Conversation on Substance Use and Opioids

Arlington Public Schools and the Silent No More O.P.I.O.D. Program will host a community conversation on substance use and opioids use at Wakefield High School (1325 S. Dinwiddie St.) on Wed, May 10 from 6 – 8 p.m. This community conversation is part of the continuing APS opioid prevention and education efforts. It is open to the public and registration is not required to attend.

The Silent No More O.P.I.O.I.D. Program (Opioid Prevention Initiative: Outreach on Invisible Dangers) will inform attendees of the risks of substance use and the increase of specific substances like opioids. The program includes federal prosecutors from the United States Attorney’s Office in Alexandria, along with a DEA agent, a medical doctor and family members who lost loved ones to overdoses.

In addition, this event will highlight the hidden dangers of prescription painkillers, what everyone needs to know about current dangerous drug trends, the subsequent effects and consequences of substance use, and the neurobiological effects of these substances on the brain of those who use them.

Attendees will also learn about opioid addiction and substance use disorder, a brain disease that can occur after taking just one pill, and the stigma attached to this disease, making it more difficult for those needing help to seek it.

The event’s goal is for attendees to learn, ask questions, discuss the risks of substance use, and receive the knowledge and information needed to protect everyone from this crisis.

Please visit the APS Substance Use Prevention webpage for additional information or questions.