APS News Release

All APS Schools Fully Accredited for 2016-17 by VDOE

For the second year in a row, all APS schools were fully accredited by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). Today’s VDOE release of 2016-17 accreditation ratings for schools across Virginia is available online.

The 2016-17 accreditation ratings are based on the 2015-16 Standards of Learning (SOL) assessment results. Elementary and middle school accreditation ratings reflect student achievement on SOL in English, history/social science, mathematics and science during the previous school year. High schools ratings also include an additional measure called the graduation completion index (page 2).

Arlington Superintendent Dr. Pat Murphy said, “I want to congratulate all of our dedicated teachers and school leaders as well as our students and families on achieving full accreditation in all of our schools once again.” He continued, “While all of us in APS recognize the importance of looking at more than this one measure of student success, our students’ high achievement on the SOLs is directly linked to the great teachers who work here in Arlington and the systems of support that we have put in place to ensure consistency and success for all students.”

VDOE Resources
VDOE has also updated report cards and summary data for schools, divisions and the state.