15 Arlington Tech Students Earn Associate Degrees through Northern Virginia Community College

NOVALast week, 15 Arlington Tech at Arlington Career Center students earned their Associate Degrees from Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). Arlington Career Center’s early college program allows students to start college while in high school through Dual Enrollment (DE) classes.

The graduating class of 2023 includes 15 students who have earned Associate Degrees from NOVA, the equivalent of two years of college credit. The class also includes an additional 10 students who have earned a Uniform Certificate of General Studies (UCGS) from NOVA, which is equivalent to one year of college credit.

The students include:

  • Alex Anderson
  • Aidan Basloe
  • Liam Brown
  • Andrea Chavarri
  • Kaya DeMarco
  • Ariel Dooley
  • Alexander Fuhrig
  • John Kennedy
  • Daryus Maschino
  • Kimberly Montesflores Gonzalez
  • Jack Ploetz
  • Josh Pomeroy
  • Silas Riggs
  • Rugia Taha
  • Theodore Varona

Students earned their degrees and certificates through Arlington Tech DE classes that have been created through a partnership between NOVA and APS. Classes are taught by APS teachers who meet NOVA qualifications to teach college-level classes and adhere to NOVA policies for college accreditation.

While enrolled in DE classes, students earn credit for the class through APS and NOVA concurrently, allowing students to build college transcripts while in high school. For this year’s seniors, 11 of the students earned degrees in Computer Science. Other degrees included Science and General Studies.

Students who earned college degrees were invited to participate in NOVA’s graduation ceremony on Mon, May 15.