APS News Release

Year-End Device Information and Summer School Devices

Year-End Device Information and Summer School Devices
The APS Offices of EdTech and Information Services are requiring all student devices to be turned in by the last week of school (week of June 13). This will allow students to take a break from screen time as we adjust back to best practices in educational technology and blended learning. As we prepare for the 2022-23 school year, we will be focusing on Digital Literacy, developmentally appropriate screen time at each grade level, blended learning opportunities, and appropriate usage of instructional devices to promote student achievement. Devices will be collected at each school by the Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC). The last day to turn in devices will be determined by each school.

Students in grades 9-11 will start to receive their updated devices the first week of summer school and throughout the summer during designated distribution days. This will be handled by the ITC(s) assigned to each building. The distribution days will also include a 30-minute Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) session. This session will include Digital Literacy skills (the appropriate way to use the device, basic skills on the MacBook Air, etc.) and a walkthrough of the AUP to help students understand how to use the devices for school related functions.

Summer School Devices and Technology Support
Students who are eligible for summer school that are in grades PreK-8 and grade 12 will receive a summer school device to utilize during the summer school window. These devices will stay at the summer school site each day. High school students attending summer school will be provided with their device at Washington-Liberty. Students receiving their permanent device at summer school will also receive the Digital Literacy and Acceptable Policy Usage lesson.