Website Updates

Engage with APSDuring this winter and spring, we have been gathering feedback from parents, staff, students and the community about how we can provide an even better website experience for our users. This included online feedback, and focus group sessions in English and Spanish conducted by an independent company. We’ve been analyzing and synthesizing the data to create a path forward.

The three major recommendations from the focus group testing company, based on the data they collected, were as follows:

  1. Better information/education about what is available on the website, both on the district site but especially across school sites, for families with students at multiple schools.
  2. Redesign of the graphics on the homepage, to emphasize important areas and to minimize some of the need to scroll.
  3. Consolidation/reorganization of content, and a thorough inventory of broken or outdated links, in order to improve search results and to make information easier to find.

Those results correlated with much of the feedback we received from the online survey and other inputs.

To address these points, in the coming fiscal year we will follow through in several steps:

  1. Over the summer, we will develop a targeted information campaign for back-to-school, to help users understand what’s available on the district and school sites.
  2. We will work with the designers on possibilities for alternate graphics options on the homepage.
  3. We are already well underway on a page-by-page inventory of broken/outdated links, which will continue through the summer.
  4. Longer-term, we will develop a plan for a complete review of site content and architecture, aimed at improving organization and usability of the site’s content.

Thank you so much to those who have already participated by sharing your feedback on the site. We look forward to continued community input that will help direct our path for future improvements. Stay tuned for more ways to participate.