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Washington-Lee Education Foundation Awards 2016 Scholarships and Fellowships

Washington-Lee Education Foundation Awards 2016 Scholarships and Fellowships Twelve Washington-Lee High School seniors have been selected to receive $1,000 scholarships from the Washington-Lee High School Education Foundation, Inc., to help pay for college expenses in the Fall. The students and the colleges they will attend are:

  • Haziel Andrade, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Emnet Atlabachew, Johns Hopkins University
  • Jasemine Ben Hamed, American University
  • Lydia Cawley, Harvard University
  • Nargilmaa Khangarid, George Mason University
  • Amanda Oh, Southern Methodist University
  • Ana Ortiz, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Samuel Phelan, New York University
  • Elisabeth Rios-Brooks, University of Florida
  • Dylan Schuler, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Sasha Volodin, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Alexandra Webster, Tufts University

Washington-Lee Education Foundation scholarships are awarded each year in May to a number of graduating seniors, based on their academic record, essay, extra-curricular activities, educational goals, and financial need. The scholarships are funded through the generous donations provided by alumni, parents, staff, and community members, and may be renewed each year, although renewals are competitive. The W-L Foundation also awarded faculty fellowships to four W-L teachers for summer/fall professional activities. Gifted resource teacher Liz Burgos, and foreign language teacher Andrea Cordero will be presenting a workshop at the Foreign Language Association of Virginia Conference in Williamsburg this October highlighting lessons they created. Art teacher Hiromi Isobe will be attending the Painting Studio of Educators ArtLab at the Kansas City Art Institute in July, where she plans to improve her artistic skills to share with other Arlington teachers and her students. Choral music teacher Theresa Severin will be attending the Choral Conductor’s Workshop in Alexandria with Dr. Rodney Eichenberger, who is considered “a legend in the choral teaching community.” Learn more about the W-L HS Education Foundation at wlhsfoundation.org.