APS News Release

Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair Awards Announced

Congratulations to all the APS students who represented the Northern Virginia Regional Science and Engineering Fair at the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair, which was hosted virtually by Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine in Roanoke on April 18.

The following APS students placed in their categories or received awards:

  • Angelica Bain (Washington-Liberty) The Effect of App Color Scheme on LED Blue Light IrradianceSecond Place in category (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Madi Goeke (Washington-Liberty) The Effect of Algae Species Grown in a Photobioreactor on Algal Biomass for Biofuel Production – First Place in category (Earth and Environmental Sciences) and Ricoh (Special Award)
  • James Licato (Washington-Liberty) Developing a Method for Simultaneous Removal of Pharmaceuticals and PFAS in Water Treatment – Third Place in category (Environmental Engineering); Leidos Honorable Mention (Special Award) an the Virginia Section of American Water Works Association 3rd Place ($100) (Special Award)
  • Kate Loftis (Yorktown) The Effect of Social Anxiety on People’s Ability to Interpret Facial ExpressionsHonorable Mention in category (Behavioral and Social Sciences)
  • Mahia Rahman (Washington-Liberty) Single-cell Analysis of Megakaryoblasts by Laser – Leidos Honorable Mention (Special Award)
  • Colin Sartori (Yorktown) The Study of Linear Motors and the Velocity of a Pinball – Third Place in category (Engineering and Robotics)
  • Rose von Eckartsberg (Yorktown) The Effect of pH on the Growth Rate of Pyrocystisfusiformis – Second Place in category (Earth and Environmental Sciences)