APS News Release

Update on Summer School Fees

Last week, we incorrectly informed families that students taking summer school strengthening courses would be required to pay a fee for those courses. APS will not charge fees for summer strengthening courses offered as part of the 2021 summer school program. The decision to discontinue fees for summer strengthening programs was made in 2019. APS did not charge fees for participation in strengthening courses offered in our 2020 summer school program as costs for these courses were addressed by CARES Act funding.

Moving forward, APS students who are eligible to participate in one or more strengthening courses this summer, will be able to attend for free. APS high school students who are currently eligible for Free or Reduced Price Meals who would like to take Economics and Personal Finance for new work credit will also be able to attend for free as the $87 reduced fee will be paid by the Department of Teaching and Learning. APS students who do not qualify for the reduced new work fee, will be able to participate for the full fee of $350. Online registration for new work for credit will open on May 3.

Additional Summer School information is available online.