APS News Release

Upcoming Summer School Registration Deadlines

Registration deadlines are approaching for several Summer School course offerings.

Friday, May 3
Registration closes for:  

  • Elementary Strengthening and Enrichment Programs, Pre-K – Grade 5 (excludes Fun with Coding and Outdoor Lab)
  • Middle School Enrichment Courses
  • High School New Work for Credit Courses

Friday, June 7
Registration closes for:  

  • Middle School Make-Up and Strengthening Courses
  • High School Make-Up and Strengthening Courses
  • SOL English 11 Writing Course
  • Stratford Program

In order to be eligible for transportation, elementary students who attend countywide programs during the school year, or who are transfers during the school year, will attend their neighborhood school for strengthening in the summer. See the Summer School catalog for details regarding transportation and program information.

Only elementary students who are designated by their principals as eligible to participate in a strengthening program will be able to register for Math and Language Arts or a countywide Special Education program (a school administrator signature is required on the form).  Students who are on or above grade level are eligible to register for the elementary enrichment programs.

At the secondary level, both a teacher and a counselor signature is required on all new work for credit registrations. Eighth grade English, Math and Physical Science are only open to students who fail these courses during the school year (if students are unsure about whether they will pass, they should wait to register at secondary late registration on June 24).

For additional information, please see the Summer School Catalog and Frequently Asked Questions available online.