APS News Release

Superintendent Provides Update on APS Return-to-School Plans

Responds to CDC Distancing Guidelines

The Superintendent provided an update on plans moving forward in response to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) updated guidelines permitting 3-foot distancing at the School Board March 25 meeting.

In response to CDC’s revised guidance permitting 3 feet between students, APS will take the following actions while keeping student needs and health and safety at the forefront of all decision-making:

  • Continue to admit additional students to participate in hybrid/in-person instruction during the current school year, according to each school’s building capacity.
  • Prioritize special populations on school waitlists. Families interested in having their student(s) begin reporting in person should contact their school. Students will be approved for the change based on each school’s capacity and prioritizing students who are struggling with virtual instruction.
  • Provide transportation for prioritized, eligible students on school waitlists.
  • Strengthen the summer school model by offering five-day schedules with 3-foot distancing.
  • Plan for a strong, five-day in-person model in fall 2021.

APS remains focused on delivering quality instruction in both models, supporting and retaining teachers and staff, providing safe and supportive environments, providing targeted interventions for students needing extra support, and preparing for testing and assessments to equitably serve all students. The presentation also included an update on APS plans to launch COVID-19 testing in schools in early April in partnership ResoucePath, as well as an update on testing and assessments and a Career & Technical Education (CTE) progress report on core competencies during the first half of the school year.

Read the full presentation online and watch the video here.

Information Items
The Board heard updates on the following items:

The School Board honored teachers who earned their National Board Certification. Watch the video highlighting the teachers.

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