APS News Release

Superintendent Appoints Steering Committee to Assist in Developing the 2024-30 APS Strategic Plan

At the May 25 School Board Meeting, Superintendent Dr. Francisco Durán announced the appointment of 20 people to serve on the Strategic Plan Steering Committee to work collaboratively with staff and the community in the development of the 2024-30 APS Strategic Plan.

APS received more than 70 applications to join the committee and selected 20 people who represent diverse parent, student, staff, and community perspectives from neighborhoods and schools throughout the County. The Superintendent is charged with ensuring that the process to develop the Strategic Plan includes multiple opportunities for all stakeholders to share their input and feedback throughout the process.

The Superintendent will bring forth recommendations to the School Board in December 2023 and June 2024 that are supported by:

  • Community expectations and aspirations;
  • Staff understanding of students’ and division level needs; and
  • State and federal requirements for our public school system in Arlington.

“This committee will play an important role in helping develop a roadmap for APS moving forward, and I want to thank everyone who applied to participate in this work,” said Superintendent Dr. Francisco Durán. “We are fortunate to have a community that cares deeply about education and will provide multiple opportunities for all to provide input throughout the process.”

The Committee will be led by Chair Maggie Slye and Vice-Chair Kathleen Clark and will be supported by Chief of Staff Steven Linkous and Special Projects Adviser Jonathan Turrisi. An outside consultant will help facilitate the development process.

Parents & Community Members

  • Maggie Slye (Chair), Claremont
  • Kathleen Clark (Vice-Chair), Cardinal & Swanson
  • Jennifer Fioretti, Arlington Government
  • Greg Eastman, Community Member
  • Alison Babb, Arlington Science Focus
  • Jamie McHenry, Tuckahoe & H-B Woodlawn
  • Patricia Montano, Washington-Liberty
  • Lauren Bailey, Oakridge & Gunston
  • Melinda Wuellner, Alice West Fleet

APS Staff

  • Matilde Arciniegas, Teacher, Escuela Key
  • Gail Klein, Teacher, Oakridge
  • Jeremy Siegel, Activities Coordinator, Jefferson Middle School
  • Alison Cummings, Support staff, Williamsburg
  • Carlos Ramirez, Principal, Randolph
  • Kevin Clark, Principal, Yorktown
  • Jonathan Martinez, Analyst, Office of Special Education
  • Andi Webb, Teacher Specialist, Office of Professional Learning
  • Wendy Crawford, Supervisor of School Psychology & Social Work, Office of Student Services

APS Students

  • Jhosue Borjas Benavides, 11th Grade, Washington-Liberty
  • Blen Fisseha, 9th Grade, Arlington Tech

The Steering Committee will meet regularly beginning in June and throughout the 2023-24 school year and complete its work in accordance with the Superintendent’s charge to the Committee, which includes reviewing performance data and trends, developing recommendations and gathering as well as incorporating community input.

“I am really excited to dive into the foundational work that will shape the strategic plan for our school system in the years to come,” said Kathleen Clark, Vice-Chair. “As a parent of a student with a disability, I am well aware of the importance of meaningful inclusion for all students. This begins with ensuring inclusion is a stated priority in our strategic plan, and ensuring it stays at the forefront until it is fully realized for every student.”

For more information about the Steering Committee and process to develop the 2024-30 Strategic Plan, visit https://aps2016.apsva.us/engage/2024-30-strategic-plan/.