Statement Regarding Marymount University’s Nov. 29 Information Session

Over the last year and at the request of Marymount University, Arlington County and Arlington Public Schools (APS) board members and staff have met with Marymount to hear the University’s proposed concepts to build sports facilities on County property (26th and Old Dominion) and APS and County property (Washington-Liberty baseball diamond located in Quincy Park and softball diamond located on the school property). At those meetings, County and APS staff asked clarifying questions but no decision was reached. At no time did County or APS staff indicate that these proposed facilities were feasible or acceptable.

Use of publicly owned land must go through multiple County and APS processes including zoning and environmental regulatory reviews, transportation and parking impact analyses, and community engagement. Additionally, appropriate compensation must be provided for any private use of public land.

The County and APS received notice of Marymount’s November 29 Information Session at the same time Marymount informed the general public. The County and APS are not associated with or participating in the November 29 Information Session and do not sanction the materials or proposals presented by Marymount University.