School Board Meeting September 6, 2018

Minutes for the September 6, 2018 Meeting

For closed captions, click the “CC” button in the bottom toolbar of the video window once the meeting starts (if you don’t see the toolbar, click once in the video window).

Meeting Agenda:

Opening: Pledge of Allegiance 0:00:00
Recognition: Student Arts Performance: Yorktown Drum Line 0:01:56
Recognition: Kenmore Middle School -Special Olympics Unified Champion Banner School 0:09:14
Announcements, Staff Recognitions 0:16:53
Consent Items and Appointments 0:21:50
Citizen Comment on Non-Agenda Items 0:22:28
Monitoring Item: First Day of School 0:40:02
Action Item:  Revisions to School Board Policy A-4 Mission, Vision and Core Values, and A-5 Arlington Public Schools Priorities 1:50:27
Action Item:  Revision to School Board Policy J-5.3.30 Admission and Placement 1:52:09
Action Item: Contract Award for Pre-Construction Construction Management at-Risk Services for the Education Center Renovation 1:59:00
Action Item: Contract Award for Kenmore HVAC Controls 2:00:33
Action Item: Change to the Guaranteed Maximum Price for the New School at Wilson 2:02:03
Action Item: License Agreement for Historic Markers at the Drew Property 2:05:57
Information Item:  Revision of School Board Policy E-6 Food and Nutrition Services 2:11:32
Information Item:  2018-24 Strategic Plan Performance Objectives 2:17:05
Information Item:  School Board 2018-2019 Action Plan 2:46:15