School Board Meeting May 7, 2020

Minutes for the May 7, 2020 Meeting

For closed captions, click the “CC” button in the bottom toolbar of the video window once the meeting starts (if you don’t see the toolbar, click once in the video window).

Meeting Agenda:

Opening: Pledge of Allegiance 0:00:00
Announcements; Interim Superintendent’s Announcements and Updates 0:00:49
Special Action Item: Appointment of Superintendent, Arlington Public Schools 0:50:19
Consent Items & Appointments 1:20:35
Moniroring Item: Capital Projects Update Based on COVID-19 Crisis 1:26:56
Moniroring Item: Family and Community Engagement Annual Update 1:52:24
Action Item: School Board Final 2021 Budget 2:16:59
Information/Action Item: Arlington Tech Summer 2020 Construction Contract 4:02:15
Information Item: Fleet Elementary School Additional Funding Proposal 4:20:36