School Board Meeting January 20, 2022

Minutes for the January 20 2022 Closed Meeting and School Board Meeting

For closed captions, click the “CC” button in the bottom toolbar of the video window once the meeting starts (if you don’t see the toolbar, click once in the video window).

Meeting Agenda:

Agenda Item  In Time 
Opening: Presentation of Colors; Arlington Career Center AF JROTC Cadets Corps 0:00:00
Announcement: Universal Mask Requirements 0:00:42
Recognition: Posse Scholars & QuestBridge Scholar 0:01:30
Consent Items & Appointments 0:08:38
Announcements: Board Members and Superintendent’s Announcements and Updates 0:10:04
Public Comment on Agenda and Non-Agenda Items 0:46:18
Monitoring Item: Virtual Learning Program Update 1:31:24
Action Item: Final Fiscal Close-Out Status and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Quarterly Report 2:20:13
Action Item: I-7.2.6 English Learner Services 2:31:23
Information Item: Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Visioning Process Task Force Recommendations 2:34:33
Information Item: Approval of Potential Revisions (if needed) to the 2021-22 School Year Calendar 3:24:07