School Board Meeting Dec. 20, 2018

Minutes for the December 20, 2018 Meeting

For closed captions, click the “CC” button in the bottom toolbar of the video window once the meeting starts (if you don’t see the toolbar, click once in the video window).

Meeting Agenda:

Agenda Item In Time
Opening: Pledge of Allegiance 0:00:00
Recognition: Williamsburg Chorus Holiday Music Performance 0:02:13
Announcements; Superintendent’s Announcements and Updates 0:17:02
Consent Items & Appointments 0:37:03
Citizen Comment on Non-Agenda Items 0:40:19
Information Item:  Proposed New Name for Washington-Lee High School 0:49:09
Information Item:  Revision of School Board Policy D-12.3 Travel Reimbursement 2:30:30
Information Item:  FY 2018 Final Fiscal Status Report and CIP Quarterly Report 2:34:46
Information Item:  Education Center Reuse Educational Specifications 3:10:47
Information Item:  Change to the Guaranteed Maximum Price for Syphax Renovation [No change in total funding already approved by the School Board] 3:49:09
Monitoring Item:  Extended Day Update 3:54:40
Monitoring Item:  Policies Review Update 4:09:56
Action Item:  Proposed Name for the New Middle School at the Stratford Site 4:18:18
Action Item:  Summer School Fees 4:37:47
Action Item:  Change to Guaranteed Maximum Price for the Fleet Elementary School 4:51:50