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School Board Approves Licensing Agreement with County for the Wilson Site

July 21, 2016 — The School Board approved a licensing agreement between Arlington County Government and APS for the Wilson site. The licensing agreement would authorize the County to locate a temporary fire station at the Wilson site, where a school will be constructed and is scheduled to open in September 2019.

APS has worked with the County to secure 100 off-site permanent parking spaces, provided through a ground lease agreement nearby with developer Penzance. The County is undertaking a 60-day community process to evaluate three other sites for the temporary location of the fire station, so a final decision has not been made yet. If the County locates the fire station at the Wilson site, it would remain there until at least late 2020.  


New Elementary School at the Jefferson Site Concept Design: The Board approved the concept design for the new elementary school at the Thomas Jefferson site. The new school will cost $59 million, will add 729 elementary seats and is scheduled to open in September 2019.

Wilson Schematic Design: The Board approved the schematic design for the new school at the Wilson site. An interim site plan and alternative site plan with no parking garage were included as options as a result of a licensing agreement with the County to potentially locate a temporary fire station at the Wilson site. The County will make a final decision for the temporary fire station location within the next 60 days, pending the outcome of a County-led community process to evaluate other options.  


Authority to Negotiate Lease: The School Board considered a proposal to grant the Superintendent authority to negotiate a lease for additional space at Sequoia, where the Syphax Education Center is located.

New Athletic Co-Curricular Activities: Department of Instruction staff presented a proposal to add Ultimate as a new athletic co-curricular activity. More information is available in BoardDocs. 

APPOINTMENTS: The Board approved the following administrator appointments:

  • Leslie Peterson was appointed as the new Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Management Services. Peterson currently serves as the Budget Director and her appointment is effective July 21. More information is available here.
  • David McBride was named the interim Principal of Kenmore Middle School by the School Board. His appointment begins July 21. More information is available here.

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