APS News Release

School Board Adopts FY 2022 Proposed Budget

The School Board adopted its FY 2022 Proposed Budget at its April 8 meeting. The proposed budget expenditures total $699,919,805.

The School Board amended the Superintendent’s FY22 Revised Proposed Budget by reducing the budgeted expenditures by $6,796,056 and 35.00 FTE and replacing the 2% cost of living adjustment with Compensation Option 1. Compensation Option 1 provides different compensation models by employee scale to ensure that every employee in the school division receives a compensation increase, in the form of a step increase, cost of living adjustment and/or a bonus. With a division-wide step increase, APS employees who are at the top of the scale, are in longevity, or are hourly (53%) would not receive an increase. The proposed reductions and compensation option are listed in the presentation available on BoardDocs.

APS is receiving an additional $2.2 million from the county and $2.7 million in state revenue. In addition, APS is receiving an estimated $18,855,118 in American Rescue Plan Funds. With the additional revenue, APS is still expecting a shortfall of $14,936,400. APS is requesting an additional $2.06 million from the county to fund Summer School incentive payments for staff, the Distance Learning Program for the fall 2021, and one-time costs for the opening of the new elementary school at the Reed site.

There will be a Joint Budget Work Session with the County Board at 3 p.m. on April 12 and a Public Hearing on the School Board’s Proposed Budget on April 29. The School Board is scheduled to adopt the FY22 budget on May 6. For information and a timeline of Work Sessions and Public Hearings, visit the FY22 budget development webpage.

School Year 2020-21 Update
The Superintendent provided his regular return-to-school update to the Board. The Superintendent announced that beginning April 19, APS and ResourcePath will provide free testing for students and staff who are symptomatic, or who have been exposed to COVID-19. Walk-up testing sites will be located at Glebe Elementary, Kenmore Middle and Wakefield High School to provide testing for students and staff who develop symptoms while at school.

The Superintendent provided updated enrollment numbers highlighting students in each instructional model, as well as changes accommodated. Additionally, he announced that APS is planning to hold in-person, outdoor high school graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2021 in mid-June. In-person ceremonies are being planned for the graduates of all comprehensive high schools and programs. Middle school promotions will remain virtual at this time per VDOE guidance that in-person ceremonies should be held for institutions where a degree is conferred, or diploma awarded. APS will notify staff, students, and families as soon as plans are finalized for graduation and other end-of-year events.The full report is available online and the presentation can be watched here.

Action Items
The School Board approved the following items:

  • Special Education Annual Plan – The Board adopted the Special Education Annual Plan which is required annually by the Virginia Department of Education.
  • Proposed Name for the New Elementary School at the Reed Site – The Board approved Cardinal Elementary School as the name for the New Elementary School at the Reed Site.
  • 2021 School Moves Project Construction Contract Award – Details of the approved contract awards is available on BoardDocs.

Information Items
The Board discussed the following items:

  • Revisions to School Board Policy I-1.33 Instruction, K-1.30 Goals and I-1.31 Goals
  • Revisions to School Board Policy G-1.2 Staff Electronic Technologies Acceptable Use

The School Board recognized National Scholastic Arts Award winners.

For More Information:
Citizens who want to comment on any items discussed at the School Board meeting should email the Board at school.board@apsva.us or call 703-228-6015. Citizens may call 703-228-2400 on the Monday after the School Board meetings to listen to a meeting summary.

For more information on how to participate in School Board meetings in person, visit our website.

School Board meetings are also broadcast live on Comcast Cable Channel 70 and Verizon FiOS Channel 41; live-streamed on the APS website, and re-broadcast on Fridays at 9 p.m. and Mondays at 7:30 p.m. immediately following the meeting. All materials and minutes will be posted to the website at aps2016.apsva.us/schoolboard upon School Board approval at a subsequent meeting.