APS News Release

Reporting Student Absences through ParentVUE


Beginning Mon, Feb. 7, parents/guardians will be able to report their student(s) absent via the ParentVUE website and ParentVUE mobile app. This new feature will appear as a blue button titled “Report Absence” on the main page.

The Report Absence feature allows parents and guardians to report all day absences for a single day or multiple days. For each absence reported, parents/guardians must provide a detailed note explaining the reason. If you are reporting your student as sick, please list the symptoms your student is experiencing. The note will help school attendance staff select the correct attendance code.

When an absence is submitted, parents/guardians will initially see the reported absence code as “Unverified.” The absence verification is completed by the school attendance staff who will review the parent-submitted absence and determine whether it is excused or unexcused according to APS Attendance Policy Implementation Procedure J-5.1.30.

This is the new preferred method for families to report absences. The electronic notification will serve as the required written notice for student absences. If you have a legal or medical document, please provide it to the school attendance staff upon your student’s return to school. Parents/guardians can still submit a student absence notice via your school’s attendance email or attendance hotline.

This process also applies to COVID-related absences for quarantine or isolation.

For step-by-step instructions, click here. For assistance with reporting absences via ParentVUE, contact your school’s attendance staff.