Parent Resource Center Monday Message: November 15, 2021

November Family Engagement Month graphicThis week, we are looking forward to welcoming back one of our favorite presenters and colleagues, Ms. Deborah Hammer, who will share tips and strategies on Supporting Positive Behavior Development at home on Thursday evening. Arlington Special Education Advisory Committee (ASEAC) will hold its monthly meeting tomorrow, Finally, as we continue to celebrate Family Engagement Month, we encourage you to register to be the first to view the digital launch of our special education telenovela, La Sopa de la Abuela on November 22nd, and as we conclude our month-long celebration, to join us as we welcome the Virginia Department of Education’s Family Engagement Specialist, Ms. Chiquita Seaborne, who will present Collaborating with Your Child’s School on November 30th. Registration links for each of these events can be found below.

The Office of Special Education has posted its monthly Inclusive Practices tip for November.

imagesThis third Inclusive Practices tip is focused on recognizing how the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) are being implemented to promote inclusive practices within Arlington Public Schools. UDL is a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn. APS staff members are learning about and reflecting on utilizing UDL strategies to support inclusive practices. Parents and members of the community are critical partners in the collaborative process to support all students.
Action Step 1: This month, parents are also encouraged to learn more about UDL.  Here are some informative resources to explore

Action Step 2: This article – Three Ways I USE UDL at Home – demonstrates how a parent tried using UDL in his home setting. Read the article and consider UDL strategies you might want to try at home.

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VA SPED Family Connection

Virginia Family Special Education Connection is designed to provide families with critical and practical information regarding special education services in Virginia. The website aims to provide a one-stop-shop for community, educational, family life, and legislative resources to support families and caregivers, as their children progress through school with special education services and then transition into adulthood. Explore the Virginia Family Special Education Connection resources at:
Every time we connect with young children, it’s not just their eyes that light up—it’s their brains, too. Vroom helps parents discover that they already have what it takes to boost their child’s learning. Check out Vroom’s free resources for parents of children ages birth through five here. 

ADHD Iceberg – Free InfographicADHD Iceberg image

Chris Dendy, author of the best selling book,Teenagers with ADD, ADHD and Executive Function Deficits. 3rd ed., and an ADHD expert has made available her ADHD Iceberg Infographic in English and a variety of other languages.  This infographic does a great job illustrating not just observable impacts of ADD/ADHD, but concerns and issues that may be less noticeable but are important to be be knowledgeable about.
Download the free black/white infographics here. 


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