Parent Resource Center Monday Message: December 6, 2021

Good afternoon, and Happy December from the team at your Parent Resource Center. This week, we are delighted to share a number of new resources below, along with updates on upcoming events. Have a great week!


Student Services Advisory Committee Video
The Student Services Advisory Committee invites you to watch a recording of their meeting featuring guest speakers Dr. Christina Choi and Dr. Peck Cho.  Dr. Christina Choi is an author and presenter who appears regularly on TV and was the host of a very successful TV talk show in S. Korea. She has made more than a dozen TV documentaries on marriage, parenting & education. Her TV documentary on motherhood received a Best Program award, and she was chosen as one of the three most influential women in Korea. Dr. Peck Choi is Co-Founder and Co-Director with Dr. Choi of an Institute of Resilience and Positivity, which provides workshops for professionals.  The Institute offers a free educational program to hundreds of daycare center staff and parents in impoverished areas and to workers of UNICEF.  They have also worked with 22,000 orphans and children at risk in Korea, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil and Guatemala. Christina and Peck will be talking about how to make Social and Emotional Learning part of the culture. The recording is online at:

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Many thanks to The Arc of Northern Virginia for sharing several helpful new safety videos with our community.

  • Traffic Stops This short film includes information on how to navigate a traffic stop if the driver or passenger has a disability.  It includes information on what to expect, how to prepare, and accommodations you can request.
  • Talking With Police: This video will give information on how to navigate interactions on the street or in the community in general that occur between people with disabilities and police officers.  It includes information on what to expect, how to prepare, and accommodations you can request.
  • Calling 911: This video provides information for people with disabilities and their loved ones who may need to call 911 to report an emergency.  It has tips on creating a plan ahead of time, practicing, and how you can share information and request accommodations during the call.
  • Comfort Kits: This is a quick look at a comfort kit.  Comfort kits are tools for first responders (including police) and other partners in the justice system to give to people with disabilities or anyone struggling with anxiety or sensory overload during an interaction.

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Visit our Events page for information on upcoming events.





  • Let’s Talk About Sex: Sexual Health and Wellness Workshop
    December 13, 2021: 6:00pm-8:30pm
    Register here for the Zoom Meeting
    Parents know their children best and are the ones who determine when and what information their child needs regarding sexual health. This training will provide information for parents/guardians and offer practical tools and strategies you can use along your child’s journey to adulthood.
  • Winter 2022 Transition University Virtual Training
    Register here
    Transition University will offer a 5-session self-paced online series to help parents/guardians navigate the transition process for their school age child and prepare for the adult world. The course begins the evening of February 6, 2022 and will be open through March 28, 2022 at 5pm.