Parent Resource Center Monday Message: 9.26.22

As schools are closed today, below please find a few announcements about important upcoming events. Happy New Year to those who celebrate. Our regular Monday Message will return next week.

PRC Lunch and Learn: Suicide Prevention and Awareness – What Parents and Caregivers Need to Know
Friday, September 30, 2022: Noon to 1pm
Register for the virtual session at:
September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
Youth who are contemplating suicide frequently give warning signs of their distress. Parents, teachers, and friends are in a key position to pick up on these signs and get help. Join us in welcoming Paulette Rigali, School Psychologist, and Margarita Zwisler, School Social Worker, who will share information about signs and ways to help.






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Arlington Special Education Advisory Committee (ASEAC) Meeting
Tuesday, October 11, 2022: 7pm – 9pm
Syphax Education Center, 2110 Washington Boulevard, Room 454, Arlington, VA 22204 or attend via ZOOM
Register here:
This meeting will be a hybrid meeting, so registrants can choose whether they wish to attend in person or via Zoom. The business portion of this meeting will be recorded through Zoom.During each meeting, ASEAC welcomes comments from the public regarding the needs of students with disabilities in APS. See the ASEAC Public Comment Guidelines at for information about submitting public comments.
Any person who would like an interpreter and/or any person with a disability who needs accommodation to access the meeting should contact the Parent Resource Center at 703.228.7239 or at least five business days in advance of a meeting to request assistance.

Reunión del Comité Asesor de Educación Especial de Arlington (ASEAC)
Martes, 11 de octubre de 2022 a la 7:00 pm
Syphax Education Center, 2110 Washington Boulevard, Room 454, Arlington, VA 22204 y ZOOM
Regístrese en este enlace para la reunión:

En Persona y Reunión virtual – a través de ZoomEsta parte de negocios de esta reunión se grabará a través de Zoom.Durante cada reunión, ASEAC agradece los comentarios del público sobre las necesidades de los estudiantes con discapacidades en APS. Consulte las Pautas de comentarios públicos de la ASEAC en para obtener información sobre cómo enviar comentarios públicos.Cualquier persona que requiera un intérprete y / o con una alguna discapacidad que necesite adaptaciones para atender a la reunión debe comunicarse con el Centro de Recursos para Padres y solicitar asistencia al 703.228.7239 o con al menos cuatro días de anticipación antes de la reunión.