Parent Resource Center Monday Message: 5.8.23

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May 8, 2023

Good evening, and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of our APS colleagues! We join Arlington Public Schools in celebrating Arlington Public Schools teachers this week and all year long!

Robert John Meehan once said, “A gifted teacher is not only prepared to meet the needs of today’s child but is also prepared to foresee the hopes and dreams in every child’s future.” We especially acknowledge the work of our special and general education teachers and Student Support Coordinators who collaborate with families and colleagues to ensure that we meet the needs of all APS learners.

2023-bhsm-logoAs we continue to celebrate Better Speech and Hearing Month, this week we recognize the important work of our APS Audiology Team and our Deaf and Hard of Hearing staff. Our APS audiology team delivers a full spectrum of hearing services to APS students. Audiologists are trained to diagnose, manage and treat hearing and balance problems. The Educational Audiology Association shares: “Educational audiologists are members of the school multidisciplinary team who facilitate listening, learning and communication access via specialized assessments; monitor personal hearing instruments; recommend, fit and manage hearing assistance technology; provide and recommend support services and resources; and advocate on behalf of the students. Educational audiologists provide evidence for needed services and technology, emphasize access skills and supports, counsel children to promote personal responsibility and self-advocacy, maintain student performance levels, collaborate with private sector audiologists, help student transitions and team with other school professions to work most effectively to facilitate student learning.” Please join us in celebrating the impactful work of our APS audiologists, Dr. Gina Gomez, Susan Thomas and Dr. Melissa Goble, and our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Team, Latrina Brookins, Natalie Hickerson, and Eileen Warren, who provide  direct instruction, monitor classroom performance and use of amplification equipment, teach sign language, train staff on strategies for teaching students with hearing loss, support and educate teachers on impact of hearing loss, and teach self-advocacy skills.

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