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April 17, 2023
Good afternoon! The Parent Resource Center thanks the Arlington Special Education PTA (SEPTA) for coordinating its annual special education awards, and we join SEPTA in congratulating and celebrating Arlington teachers, staff, volunteers, and students who have gone above and beyond to support Arlington students. Save the date for the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 17th at 7pm at Wakefield High School.
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Crawford Award – Outstanding Educator

  • Brandi Arnett, Nottingham Elementary School
  • Brandi Barnes, Kenmore Middle School
  • Amy Flynn, Williamsburg Middle School
  • Carrie Ann Goodfellow, H-B Woodlawn
  • Atari Griffin, Drew Elementary School
  • Jessica Kingsley, Multiple Locations
  • JoAnne Krisko, Randolph Elementary School
  • Lacey Meenaghan, Alice West Fleet Elementary School
  • Matthew Recican, Dorothy Hamm Middle School
  • Deborah Rodriguez, Long Branch Elementary School
  • Lillian Tousley, Williamsburg Middle School

McBride Award – Outstanding School or Program

  • MIP-A & Best Buddy Programs at Kenmore Middle School

Howie Award – Outstanding Volunteer

  • Gina Argotti, Parent
  • Kathleen Clark, Parent
  • Dennis Edelbrock, Parent
  • Nadia Facey, Parent
  • Kristin Gillig, Parent

Turner Award – Outstanding Administrator

  • Eileen Gardner, Nottingham Elementary School
  • Jason Love, Kenmore Middle School
  • David McBride, Kenmore Middle School

Townsend Award – Outstanding Aide/Assistant or Support Staff

  • Rita Amponsah, Randolph Elementary School
  • Jackii Berrios, Innovation Station
  • Katelynn Guerrero, Kenmore Middle School
  • Mona Lisa Moore, Swanson Middle School
  • Justin Robinson, Tuckahoe Elementary School
  • Sharmain Smith, Drew Elementary School
  • Toni Washington, Nottingham Elementary School

Nannini Award – Outstanding Student Advocate

  • Elizabeth Costner, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Program
  • Ellie McGinn, Wakefield High School
  • LJ Seiff, Swanson Middle School

Exceptional Ally Award – Outstanding Student Ally

  • Hannah Allard, Williamsburg Middle School
  • Allyna Flom, H-B Woodlawn
  • Andrew Machado, Kenmore Middle School


As a reminder, our April Autism session on Self-Determination is scheduled for Wednesday, April 19th, Arlington SEPTA’s April Meeting will take place on April 20th, and the April ASEAC Meeting is scheduled for April 25th.  Registration is also now open for our Spring Virtual AAC Supper Club on May 3rd.
Finally, Arlington County is offering an intense 8-week substance use session that begins tomorrow on April 18th. Last chance to register is tomorrow prior to the session. Details are below.


autism-gold-infinityApril is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month

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