Parent Resource Center Monday Message: 1.31.22

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January 31, 2022
As we approach the beginning of the third quarter of the academic year, we are grateful to support family engagement in education – a research-based factor in improving outcomes for students. We are delighted to share information about a new resource to support family engagement. As announced earlier this year, the Office of Special Education welcomed two wonderful Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Coaches – Brittany Thomas and Erin Tokajer. Ms. Thomas and Ms. Tokajer have been working hard to support students and staff this year, and joined us along with three APS parents to offer a parent information session during AAC Awareness and Acceptance Month. Our AAC Coaches have announced that they will now be offering:


  • Does your child have a communication system you would like to learn more about?
  • Would you like to know how to help your child communicate at home?
  • Are you interested in personalized 1:1 support from an APS AAC Implementation Coach?

If so, reach out for more information about this resource!
Erin Tokajer, M.S. CCC-SLP, ATP
Brittany Thomas, M.A. CCC-SLP
Whether AAC is new to your family or you are looking to learn more in your journey, they welcome all parents, caregivers, and family members!


The next Inclusive Practices tip for families and community members has been posted online at

Inclusive Practices Tip: January 31, 2022
IEP Goal Progress Monitoring
This tip is focused on utilizing formative assessment for IEP goal progress monitoring – specifically, how APS educators can reflect on which formative assessment strategies are most effective for monitoring IEP goal progress for students. As staff are guided to reflect on and consider progress monitoring, parents/guardians are encouraged to:

  • review Iris Center’s Progress Monitoring Information Brief
  • observe what IEP progress monitoring strategies are being implemented for your child
  • consider how your child’s IEP goal progress is being tracked and shared with you, and how your team can support you in learning more about IEP progress goal monitoring

Discussion about how progress on goals will be monitored and shared with team members, including parents, is an effective and collaborative IEP team meeting strategy.

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