APS News Release

Northern Virginia Regional Science Fair Winners

Over the weekend, young scientists from the area had a chance to showcase their projects during the Northern Virginia Regional Science and Engineer Fair. This year’s winners, which include students from APS middle and high schools, were announced on March 5.

The following are the first place awardees, some of whom will also compete in the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair (VSSEF) which will be held April 14-15 at Old Dominion University.

Animal Sciences

  • Sean Finnegan, Swanson Middle School

Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • Lanyi Stroud, Yorktown High School


  • Olivia Bartrum, Wakefield High School


  • Purvi Oberkisch, Gunston Middle School
  • Ronald Ganzorig, Swanson Middle School
  • Anna Freeman, Washington-Liberty High School


  • Michael Tarpley, H-B Woodlawn
  • Claudia Volpe, Washington-Liberty High School

Environmental and Earth Sciences

  • Asher Pines, Williamsburg Middle School
  • Matthew Bu and Carson Decker, Dorothy Hamm Middle School
  • Maya Umerov-Todoroki and Raika Louis, Williamsburg Middle School
  • Roayba Adhi, Washington-Liberty High School
  • Nicola Beaumont, H-B Woodlawn
  • Olivia Cozette, Washington-Liberty High School
  • Elle Pickard, Washington-Liberty High School
  • Alina Sagatov, Washington-Liberty High School

Medical and Health Services

  • Katherine Butler, H-B Woodlawn
  • Anna Mohanty, Washington-Liberty High School


  • Julia Westwater Brodsky, H-B Woodlawn

Physics and Astronomy

  • Maedot Ayalew, Kenmore Middle School
  • Colin Beckner, Swanson Middle School
  • Declan Leighton, Yorktown High School
  • Sebastian Monroy, Washington-Liberty High School

Plant Sciences

  • Rebecca Zee, Kenmore Middle School
  • Alba Edsall, Washington-Liberty High School
  • Isla Wearmouth, Washington-Liberty High School

Best of Fair – Grades 7 and 8

  • Michael Tarpley, H-B Woodlawn – C++ Retro Gaming Console

Grand Prize Awardees

  • Olivia Bartrum, Wakefield High School – Analysis of Anti-Inflammatory Compounds in Drug Absorption and Calculated Transdermal Permeability Utilizing the Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeability Assay (PAMPA)
  • Julia Westwater Brodsky, H-B Woodlawn – Characterization of Novel Acinetobacter baumannii Phages EAb3 and EAb7

Alternate Awardee

  • Declan Leighton, Yorktown High School – The Effect of Electrode Spacing on the Force Generated by Magnetohydrodynamic Drive

More information and the complete list of winners is available online.