APS News Release

Northern Virginia Regional Science and Engineering Fair Awards Announced

The following students were selected by their schools as nominees to the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair (VSSEF). These students will compete at the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair in Roanoke on April 13-14.

Skylar Brodowski, Washington-Lee
Caroline Cunningham, Washington-Lee
David Day, Yorktown
Chloe Fugle, H-B Woodlawn
Charlie Gaylord, Yorktown
Fiona Harris, H-B Woodlawn
James Licato, Washington-Lee
Katharine Schlachter, Wakefield
Nathan Snyder, Yorktown
Julie Thoman, Wakefield
Tariq Thomas and Rayan Rhomari, Arlington Tech/Career Center 

In addition, the nominees were interviewed by a panel of external judges on Tue, March 6 to determine the Grand Prize Winners who will be attending the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) in Pittsburgh.

The Grand Prize Winners are: 

James Licato- Washington-Lee
Skylar Brodowski- Washington-Lee (Alternate)

At the middle school level, the following students have been nominated by their schools to participate in the Broadcom MASTERS competition.

Sullivan Atkin, H-B Woodlawn
Kaylee Board and Sydney Barta, Williamsburg
Cooper Donovan,  Gunston
Pearson Frank,  Kenmore
William Graf, Williamsburg
Anuj Khemka, Thomas Jefferson
Meaghan Leahy and Maddie Goff-Glennon, Gunston
Erin Leland, Thomas Jefferson
Anais Lowenthal, Swanson
Christoph Schoer,  Kenmore
Olivia Van Hoey and Julia Brodsky, H-B Woodlawn
Nicholas Wakeman, Swanson

Several organizations and societies are also awarding prizes based on a variety of criteria, including information from student project abstracts. Students who are selected for prizes will be notified directly.

There will be an Open House in April to recognize all students who were registered for the Northern Virginia Regional Science and Engineering Fair.  More information on the location, date and time will be sent at a later date.