May 2022 All Stars Announced

APS all stars logoAPS is excited to announce the May 2022 APS All Stars, selected out of over several hundred outstanding staff nominees! These individuals demonstrate excellence in collaboration, equity, inclusivity, integrity, innovation and stewardship. They are members of the APS team who are the first to pitch in, who bring a positive attitude to their work, and go above and beyond to serve students. Congratulations to these individuals!

Karen Anselmo, Assistant Principal, Campbell Elementary School
Words to Describe This APS All Star: She keeps the school running smoothly.
About this APS All Star: Ms. Anselmo has been the constant at Campbell since 1994, as a teacher and then Assistant Principal. She has run summer school for 15 plus years, often at Carlin Springs. She is a great logistical thinker- schedules are her superpower.  Karen has kept Campbell safe and productive during Covid. She manages schedules, contact tracing and Covid PPE. Staff members often go to her to solve problems in creative ways. She has truly been the stable rock at Campbell since the school opened in 1994.  We appreciate all she does for our students and staff, and she is so deserving of recognition but never expects it – she does it for the students and our community.

Gerardo Mendiola, Maintenance Supervisor, Oakridge
Words to Describe This APS All Star: Cheerful, responsive, and hard-working
About this APS All Star: Mr. Mendiola (Mr. G) plays an essential role in planning for and maintaining the safety and security of the school by providing a clean, safe, and comfortable learning environment for the students, staff, families, and the school community.  What makes Mr. G special? His commitment to his work, integrity, and trustworthiness has earned Mr. G’s respect from the Oakridge community. Most importantly, Mr. G is a star in making connections and building positive and professional relationships with colleagues and professional teams at APS.

Almarie Campbell, Teacher, Gunston Middle School
Five Words to Describe This APS All Star: Helpful, kind, smart and caring
About this APS All Star: I’m nominating Ms. Campbell because she is by far the best teacher I’ve ever had. She does what’s best with all her students and creates a bond and a safe space for students who need anything.  She wants what’s best for us which is why the work we get from her is always so helpful and understanding. She makes us feel at home in her classroom and she’s very safe and clean especially during this pandemic.  Ms. Campbell is always offering help whenever needed and before going over something she makes sure everyone understands. She is preparing us with the best way and resources possible for the SOL. I love when she shares stories to us also and gives life lessons as well. We have SEL lessons on Tuesdays which some kids don’t like but Mrs. Campbell makes it so fun, entertaining and helpful.  I love Ms. Campbell and she is certainly setting us up for success and much more. Thanks to Mrs. Campbell I am confident in math than ever before as well as next year in algebra.

Jeremy Siegel, Coordinator, Jefferson Middle School
Five Words to Describe This APS All Star: Does everything for TJMS!
About this APS All Star: Mr. Siegel is the TJMS activities coordinator, but his day-to-day role is so much more. He can be seen covering classes, running mentoring groups, helping with the SCA, and of course, facilitating the massive number of after school events TJMS offers.  He cares deeply for our students and their health and well-being, and he always makes sure TJMS is a fun place to learn. Our school would not be the same without him!

Krystina Lange, Teacher, Arlington Tech at the Career Center
Five Words to Describe This APS All Star: Energetic, creative community builder
About this APS All Star: Since Arlington Tech is a new program, its ability to develop a sense of community has been limited and was curtailed by the pandemic. As we emerged out of virtual schooling this year, Ms. Lange’s leadership of the AT student Culture Team has been crucial in creating events that has the school community excited to be together.  From an amazing Halloween Graveyard Smash with fun activities for all the attendees (including the differently abled and neuro-diverse) despite pouring rain that day, to the Arlington Tech TechTastic event before winter break incorporating engineering skills resulting in marble run and CanStruction creations (which resulted in a 3,000 can donation to AFAC as well). She keeps going and already has a Family Trivia Night under the belt and is currently planning for a Spring dance.  Arlington Tech families are so grateful that our students can experience school togetherness with such fun and exciting events since we do not have the traditional school milestone activities available at the home high schools. Ms. Lange has embraced Arlington Tech’s nature as an unconventional program and raised it. We love Ms. Lange!