Middle School Tech Tutorials

Paper Tutoring – Submit for Review

To submit written work for review for Paper Tutoring: Open MyAccess@APS shortcut. Log into your APS account. Launch the Clever app. Then tap on Paper icon. Under the Review Center, […]

TestNav App Check

Download the TestNav app and run the app check to prepare for testing. Open the APS App Catalog and install TestNav. Even if you already have the app install from […]

iPad iOS 14.2/3 (now 14.4) Update

Subject: iPad (iOS) updates for APS Devices Asunto: Actualizaciones de iPad (iOS) para dispositivos de APS Hello Families, A few updates to share. The APS Department of Information Services has […]

Canvas App – Display Images

Apple mobile devices that are on the latest iOS version (iOS14) will cause a problem with images not loading on Canvas pages. This is because there is a new security […]

Microsoft Teams: Look for missing join link

Try to find missing MS teams join link Tap on Teams on the bottom. All of the teams will show up on the left. Look for the tiny purple camera […]

Microsoft Teams: Log out and back in

Log out of and back into MS Teams Tap on the the Teams link at the bottom. Then tap on your user profile in the top left corner. Tap on […]

Parent Academy APS

Click here to go to the APS Parent Academy.

Canvas parent observer

Click here to go to the APS Parent Observer Accounts information page.

Google Apps: Delete a Google File

Note: anything you delete will remain in your google drive trash folder for 30 days. After 30 days, anything in the trash will be automatically and permanently deleted. Tap on […]