APS News Release

March 10 Update on Elementary Instructional Planning for COVID-19

Dear Elementary Families,

As previously communicated, APS is preparing to ensure all students have access to instructional materials in the event of a potential school closure due to coronavirus (COVID-19). As part of our planning for instruction, we want you to be aware of the following steps being taken: 


  • As of this week, students in grades 3-5 have started to bring their devices and chargers home every day and bringing them back to school the next school day.  This will help assess the capability of households to access online resources and help students routinize the logistics surrounding the daily transporting of devices to and from school.
  • Instructional Technology Coordinators (ITCs) are gathering real time information regarding students’ ability to access the internet from home and will provide information to APS’ Information Services staff regarding students’ need for mobile hot spots.
  • Information Services (IS) is developing a plan to determine which students in grades K-2 have a sibling in grades 3-5 living with them who would have an APS device at home. This will allow IS to determine the number of devices available to send home with K-2nd graders only in the event that schools are closed for an extended period of time.


  • Teachers are now able to access 10 days of learning activities for Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science developed by content specialists in the Department of Teaching and Learning. These activities focus on Virginia Standards of Learning by grade level and are somewhat general in nature. In addition, you may notice that your child will be bringing home additional books to promote independent reading and other resources to support their learning in the event that schools are closed for an extended period of time.  Additional links will be added to the main APS website that will include general resources for families and students, including those provided by the Virginia Department of Education.

Special Education

  • In the event Arlington staff determine a school(s) will be closed for an extended period time, IEP teams will use student performance data to determine make-up services. Case carriers will collaborate with classroom teachers and related service providers to modify assignments and activities as appropriate for students. The Office of Special Education staff will work directly with teachers to identify activities for students should schools be closed for any length of time.

We are continuing to focus on prevention to keep our school community healthy and reduce the possible spread of illness. At the same time, these steps are underway to prepare in the event a closure is necessary, based on guidance from health officials. For the latest information, please visit the COVID-19 webpage on the APS website.

We appreciate your support and cooperation in this community-wide effort.


Cintia Z. Johnson
Interim Superintendent