APS News Release

June 9 Summer School Registration Deadline

The next deadline for Summer School registration is Fri, June 9.

Registration deadline for:

  • Middle School Enrichment Courses (excluding Outdoor Lab)
  • Middle School Make Up and Strengthening Courses
  • High School Make Up and Strengthening Courses
  • Stratford Program
  • New students who are pre-registered to attend APS K-12 programs in Fall 2017

Late Registration
Late registration on June 26 will be held at the Syphax Building from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ONLY for current APS students who need to repeat a class for high school credit. No other late registrations will be accepted.

Summer School Transportation Letters
APS will send letters regarding Summer School and transportation no later than July 5 via U.S. Mail.

Additional Information
Students should register at the schools they are attending during the 2016-17 school year by 4 p.m. on the day of the relevant deadline. Please see the Summer School catalog for information on reduced fees and your school principal for need-based scholarships.

Non-APS students must register through the Summer School Office at the Syphax Education Center at 2110 Washington Blvd. Out-of-county fees apply for non-residents. Registration forms will not be accepted after the posted registration deadlines.

Program fees are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable except under very limited circumstances. Transportation for secondary programs will only be offered before first and after second period; secondary students who register for one period only will not be allowed to stay at school when they do not have a class, and will need to arrange alternative mid-day transportation. Information on Arlington County transit options is available at arlingtontransit.com. Elementary students who attend an out of boundary school during the school year will not be provided with transportation in the summer unless they attend a countywide special education or enrichment program.

A teacher signature is required on all registration forms for students at all grade levels to help ensure appropriate placement. A counselor signature is also required on all new work for credit registrations.  Eighth grade English, Math and Physical Science are only open to students who fail these courses during the year. Elementary strengthening courses in Math and Language Arts are open only to students who are currently failing a course, who previously failed an SOL, or who are specifically recommended by their teacher for remediation.

For additional information, please see the Summer School Catalog and Frequently Asked Questions which are available online at aps2016.apsva.us/summerschool under Instruction. 

For more information, contact the Summer School office at 703- 228-7645 or summerschool@apsva.us.