APS News Release

JFAC Seeking Members for Two Committees

The Joint Facilities Advisory Commission (JFAC) has created two committees to explore two questions raised by Arlington Public Schools and are looking for members of the public who have an interest and expertise in these areas to join one of the two committees.

The questions the committees are looking into include:

  1. How do other jurisdictions integrate school facilities needs in land use studies, such as sector plans, which often increase permitted residential densities?
  2. How do other Virginia jurisdictions incorporate schools in public/private partnership agreements?

There are three meetings. One was held on April 28 and the remaining two are being held from 7-9 p.m. on May 19 and June 23. The JFAC will create a report with itsr findings from these discussions and will share them with the Arlington School Board and County Board.

If interested in serving on one of the two committees, contact Kathleen McSweeney, JFAC Chair, at mcsweeneykathleen@gmail.com.