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Historical Markers Visits the Green Valley Pharmacy

In this episode of Historical Markers, Dr. Alfred Taylor, Jr. takes viewers to the historic Green Valley Pharmacy in the Nauck community.

In 1952, Doc Muse opened the Green Valley Pharmacy in south Arlington. At that time, blacks who went to pharmacies run by white business owners often had to go to the back door to get what they needed. By opening the Green Valley Pharmacy in an area where many African Americans lived, Doc provided a place where African Americans could be treated with respect. For 64 years Doc Muse was at the pharmacy every day treating his customers with respect and providing fair prices for his merchandise.

Watch this short video about the Green Valley Pharmacy and use #APSHistoricalMarkers to respond to and ask questions about their history. The Historical M arkers video series, produced by APS, highlights just a few of the more than 80 historical markers highlighting important sites in Arlington’s past to engage students in learning about local history.

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